Critical Incident Training Course

Our half-day workshop entitled “An Introduction into Critical Incident Management” has been written by a former UK Police Firearms Officer and current serving member of the UK emergency services. It is written in line with current practice and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Framework and guidance.

The course is designed to be delivered to civilians & non-police personnel within organisations or companies that are likely to find themselves in the midst of a critical incident.

So what is a critical incident?

The MPS definition of a critical incident is:

“Any incident where the effectiveness of the police response is likely to have a significant impact on the confidence of the victim, their family and/or the community.”

This statement has been purposefully left broad so as to encompass the wide range of potential incidents. In order to enable and assist the police in their effectiveness and outcome of the incident, this course provides an insight and give to structure to how first responders should manage an incident.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is a critical incident?
  • The golden hour principle
  • Pre-planning for a critical incident
  • Making a call for assistance
  • Preservation of evidence and the crime scene
  • Safe and effective use of cordons
  • Recording keeping
  • Incident Logs
  • Incident hand over to the authorities
  • Basic principles of incident management
  • Debriefing & Post Traumatic Stress

Course Dates & Locations

We can provide this training course at a date and location of your choice.
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Suited Professions

  • Senior Management
  • Heads of Department
  • Line Managers
  • University Staff
  • Secondary schools & colleges
  • Hospital Staff (in particular A&E departments)
  • Security Personnel including door supervisors
  • Event management companies
  • Stewards at large events (horse racing, football matches, festivals and concerts)
  • Youth Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Prison Staff
  • Public Transport workers (including rail station and airport staff)


There are no pre-requisites for this training course.

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