Survival Training for Remote Engineers

When conditions prevent extraction in remote areas, the skills gained on this course could be critical to improving chances of survival

What You’ll Learn

  • Helicopter deployment / extraction
  • Survival Mindset & Psychology
  • Principles of Survival
  • Survival grab bags, components and uses
  • Improvised shelter builds
  • Different methods of fire making
  • Water sourcing and purification
  • Navigation and Signalling
  • Confirmatory test scenarios utilising Incident Control Point. (ICP)
  • Command and control and communication skills
  • Rescue Signals
  • Navigation
  • Incident Control Management
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Tourniquet & Emergency Bandage
  • Hemcon
  • Casualty Rescue and Extraction

S.I.R.A. aims to provide progressive training for teams and engineers, enhancing real life skills that are essential to working in remote locations. Delegates will be instructed how to be deployed by means of a helicopter, with all equipment that will be required on a remote location and manifested to support the project.

S.I.R.A. will deliver theoretical and practical survival, lifesaving and medical skills along with survival mindset and psychology techniques to support leading construction companies, enhancing their skills to help save and preserve life in remote and hostile environments

Certificate Award

Course Dates & Locations

We can provide Survival Training at a date and location of your choice.
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Suited Professions

  • Remote Telecom Engineers
  • Remote Construction Site Personnel
  • Forestry Commission Workers


There are no pre-requisites for this training course.

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