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Event Medical Cover

Hazardous Area Response Team

Overseas Repatriation & Patient Transport Services

  • Need Event First Aid Cover, Medical/Safety Cover at your Remote site or Hazardous Working Site?
  • Unsure of what level of medical cover you require?

You will need to make an Assessment of the risk as well as a Pre-Evacuation / Rescue Plan for on-site casualty management and emergency evacuation.

We provide a complete service.

We provide a fast-response medical & rescue service, with on-site treatment and emergency ambulance transportation for both the competitors and spectators and it is worth understanding in the planning stage that transportation to the hospital by the on-site ambulance,  may compromise coverage and response from the site.

Our fees reflect a quality service at a cost effective rate considering the staff required, amount of equipment and facilities needed at each site, therefore, each site/event is individually priced.

We provide Qualified & Experienced staff:

  • Advanced First Aiders
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • NMC Registered Nurses
  • HCPC Registered Paramedics

The right medic for the job: For example, if there is a risk in and around water, we will supply medics that are Diver/coxswain, RYA Rescue boat coxswain, offshore coxswain, Floods/Swift Water Rescue Technicians and Rescue swimmers. Or if working at height and or confined spaces, our medics will also be experienced Industrial rope access technicians, rope rescue supervisors, qualified sports/Industrial climbers, with technical rescue experience.

We have medics that are professionally qualified, and registered with the Institute of remote health care, in health and safety management, occupational health with significant experience of working in remote and hostile environments, on- offshore around the globe.

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