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SYFA First Aid

In 2015 XET became an approved Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA) Training Provider for sports first aid.

SFA Club Licensing includes the requirement that clubs have at least 1 person on the touchline with all teams who have Sports First Aid training, where a Chartered Physiotherapist is not present. To date, there has been a variable standard of qualifications, which have been put forward by member clubs to comply with this
requirement. The Medical Committee was asked to suggest some criteria, which clubs would have to ensure, were met when arranging their provider.

SYFA First Aid SYFA First Aid SYFA First Aid

What You’ll Learn

The role of the first aider

Legal responsibilities

First aid at sporting events

The first aid room and kit

Incident assessment inc sending for help and personal safety

Basic life support + practical session + examination

Management of the unconscious casualty+ practical session + examination

Recovery position + practical session + examination

Action for vomiting, choking and suspected heart attack

Injuries to the head inc facial injuries + practical session + examination

Spinal injury + practical session + examination

Injuries to the limbs – soft tissue and suspected fracture + practical session + examination

Bleeding injuries inc management of shock

Management of wounds and burns

Medical conditions in sport inc asthma, diabetes, seizures and environmental problems inc heat and cold.

The course includes the scenario-based teaching of the major expected injury situations in sport. This also allows a degree of continuous assessment and the tutor to emphasise/expand on areas where course participants appear unclear and to ascertain which participants require additional practice re CPR skills

Course Assessment

0 Practical Assessments
this can be carried out by the trainer through out the duration of the course

Certificate Award

Externally accredited and certificated by Qualsafe Awards Ltd

Course Dates & Locations

We can provide this training course at a date and location of your choice.



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Suited Professions

  • Sports Coaches


There are no pre-requisites for this training course.

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