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Quality Assurance & Due Diligence

At XET we put quality over profit…..

Quality Assurance is one of core values here at XET. As a training provider, XET is externally accredited by four organisations and their associate awarding bodies and partners:

  • Qualsafe Awards – Centre Approval Number 904975
  • Qualifications Network UK (QNUK) – Centre Approval Number 15352
  • Association of First Aiders Qualifications (AOFAQ) – Centre Approval Number TPID942

In addition, we are also:-

  • an approved training provider for the Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA)
  •  a corporate member of the UK Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (UKREMT) – Membership number CM0016
  • an approved Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS) Training Provider – Provider Number 9000
  • a commercial Member of the Armed Forces Covenant
  • on the UK Register of Learner Providers (UKRLP) – Provider Number 10053946
  • an Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) registered company
  • signed up to the Optindigo General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Programme – Registration Number GF6820

Through continual professional development (CPD) , individual trainers are also members and affiliates of other professional and awarding bodies See Trainer Profiles.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requires companies to employ competent training organisations for their training needs and have produced a checklist to help you ensure that your chosen training provider is meeting the minimum required standards.
Here at XET, we don’t do minimum standards.  Instead, we aim for best practice.  We have populated the HSE First Aid Training Provider checklist below to show our competence and procedures.

The answers provided below are for questions relating to UK EFAW and UK FAW courses.

XET has the skills, expertise and insurance to run any level of first aid training, anywhere in the world.


XET’s Response


Do the trainers/assessors have a current FAW certificate or qualify for an exemption?

YES. However most of our trainers exceed this requirement with much higher clinical qualifications and experience (see trainer profiles)

Do the trainers/assessors have an appropriate training/assessing qualification?

YES. All trainers/assessors have credible teaching qualifications or experience (see trainer profiles)

Quality Assurance

Is there a documented quality assurance plan designating an individual to take responsibility for this area, including assessment of the performance of trainers/assessors at least annually?

YES. We have a full QA plan involving the monitoring of all trainers & assessors at least every year and all results are formally recorded

Does the designated person have a current FAW certificate or qualify for an exemption?


Does the designated person have an assessing/verifying qualification?


Is there a documented course evaluation procedure?

YES. All students complete an evaluation form and results are recorded and fed back to the trainers and the client

Is there a documented complaints procedure?

YES. Copies available on request

Teaching currently accepted first-aid practice

Is FAW/EFAW taught in accordance with current guidelines on adult basic life support published by the Resuscitation Council (UK), and for other aspects of first aid, in accordance with current guidelines published by the Voluntary Aid Societies or other published guidelines that are supported by a responsible body of medical opinion?

YES. However when teaching inside of the UK then the quoted publications are adhered to.

Training syllabus

Does the course content adequately meet the needs of your workplace as indicated by your first-aid needs assessment?

YES. We tailor all of our courses to your workplace, staff and any specific hazards and risks associated therewith.

For FAW, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 1 and does the course include at least 18 training and assessment contact hours, over three days?

For FAW requalification, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 1 and does the course last at least 12 training and assessment contact hours, over two days?

For EFAW, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 2 and does the course last at least six training and assessment contact hours, over one day?

For EFAW requalification, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 2 and does the course last at least six training and assessment contact hours, over one day?


Do the certificates issued to students assessed as competent contain the name of the training organisation, the title of the qualification (eg FAW or EFAW), reference to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, the date of issue and confirmation that the certificate is valid for three years?

YES. All students receive an A4 paper certificate on successful completion of our courses valid for 3 years.

If the course has been certified through Qualsafe Awards then students will receive in addition to the certificate an A4 paper record of achievement and an 8.5cm x 5.5cm (credit card size) plastic certificate with aide memoir on the rear – ideal for carrying on a lanyard or in a purse/wallet.

For more information about due diligence when selecting an appropriate first aid training provider, please follow this link the HSE website –

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