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Level 3 Emergency First Responder

Course Description
The objective of the qualification is to benefit Learners by providing them with the knowledge and confidence to provide the initial prehospital care at emergency or life-threatening incidents
Learners will gain the necessary skills associated with assessment, treatment and stabilisation of patients
The purpose of the QA Level 3 Award for Emergency First Responders (RQF) qualification is to develop
learner’s knowledge and skills in order to provide prehospital care to a patient pending the arrival of a clinician
Whilst achievement of this qualification confirms Learners have met both the theoretical and practical
requirements, this does not imply a ‘license to practice’ – the scope of practice for which will be determined by the organisation responsible for emergency first responders

What You’ll Learn

Understand the role and responsibilities of a first responder

Know how to assess a scene at an emergency incident

Be able to assess a patient

Be able to assess a patient’s airway

Be able to manage a patient’s airway

Be able to manage an unresponsive patient who is not breathing normally

Be able to use appropriate equipment during a resuscitation attempt

Be able to administer emergency oxygen

Other information (Handover, Information Gathering and Secondary Survey)

Be able to manage catastrophic  bleeding

Be able to manage a patient who is in shock

Be able to manage a patient who is bleeding

Understand how to identify, assess and manage a patient with breathing difficulties

Know how to manage a patient with anaphylaxis

Know how to manage a patient with a suspected major illness

Know how to manage a patient who is in seizure

Know how to manage a patient who is in shock

Course Assessment

0 Practical Assessments
this can be carried out by the trainer through out the duration of the course

Certificate Award

Externally accredited and certificated by Qualsafe Awards Ltd

Course Dates & Locations

We can provide this training course at a date and location of your choice.

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Suited Professions

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Security Guards
  • Cabin Crew
  • Event First Aiders and Volunteers
  • Film Crews
  • Industrial Response / Hazardous Working Teams


There are no formal pre-requisites for this training course however due to the complex nature of the syllabus and time constraints – XET impose a minimum of a valid FAW certificate to gain entry to this course, in line with our Quality Management Plan

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